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Special care is taken towards food ingredients. This is a trait of Hida. You can enjoy your meal with seasonal food items of Hida as the main ingredient. There are wild vegetables in the spring, fish from the river in the summer, mushrooms in the fall, and boar in the winter. Top grade Hida beef Steak, sukiyaki, and shabushabu using the highest class Wagyu beef are also recommended. Japanese sake, specially selected with care which matches your meal, is also arrangeable.

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Everything in the menu are coarse meals. Each course uses Hida food as the main ingredient, there being ten to fifteen items including Wagyu(Hida beef), sashimi, tempura, etc. The beverage menu includes a wide variety with Japanese sake, beer, and wine.

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Enjoy what you order in a peaceful and elegant space.

A unity of food and space.

The location is on a hill a distance away from the city of Takayama. In the day you can see the North Alps, and in the evening you can glance at Takayama city and its lights, which makes this location spectacular. You can surely enjoy your meal in the atmosphere of the space provided by the restraurant including counters, oriental rooms and the annex of an old-style Japanese house.

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